3 Ravens
Bard Dance
Betty McNally
Boar Fox
Carnlough Bay
Faerie Flight  (Celtic)
  "...by your music
               shall I know thee..."
Celtic Mouth Music
(artist unknown)
David  (Celtic)
Dear G.   (Celtic)
Drunken Piper  (Scottish)
Eammon of the Hill (Celtic)
Felgubbe  (Celtic)
Green Groves of Erin  (Irish)
Greensleeves (Trad. Irish)
I Once Loved a Lass  (Trad. Irish)
Lady Blaney
Madam Cole
Miss Fetherston

Planxty Burke
Queen of Rain
Renaissance Faire
Si Bheag
Swain Song  (Welch)
The Blind Harpist   (Welch)
Riu  Riu  Chiu  
(Trad. Spanish  1550 A.D.)
    arr. by Curtis Clark
Midi Files:
Celtic ~ Ancient ~ Traditional
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What Child is This?
082702 1250
Loreena McKennitt
Byliae Pasterze
Mrs Crofton
Coleg y Br Fyrgol Abertawe
  Pnt ur y Brs
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