Champagne Diamonds

TOURMALINE   Vitality, excitement, alleviates fear, has a protective influence. Has power of electrical charge.

In the days of yore...when legends took on the appearance of truth, the ancestors of modern man lived each day with the curses and blessings of superstition. Almost every daily activity....every jesture was cloaked in mysterious whispers.  Stones had special meanings attached to them as well.  Here are just a few of the gemstones that evoked special attributes.
AQUAMARINE Wearing this stone brings hope,
bannishes fear, protects against poisons, cures lazieness, gives clear headedness.
MALACHITE  Absorbs energy and draws out negative energy.
Also thought to absorb hexes and the effects of the Evil Eye. If used for these purposes, stone must be cleared regularly then recharged

LAPIS  Luck for December - ability to transmit love to another person.
OPAL  It was believed to give wealth and
beauty & enable the wearer to become invisible.  Unlucky if it became milky in
wearing it or if the wearer was not born in
the month of October.  Milky opals brought sadness and depression.
RUBY has been known to be a stone of color change. In
its more tranquil state it denotes courage, loyalty and
charity.  In its more potent state-anger, cruelty, aggressiveness.  If it changes color on the wearer, it bodes of
misfortune or unhappiness.
DIAMOND The diamond has always been
linked to love, fidelity, and faithfulness. Early
Christians regarded it as a deterant for physical
and moral evils.
ONYX The stone of mourning, sadness, disturbing
dreams, induces quarrels and general bad luck.
Also promotes chastity.
CAT'S EYE Protects against witchcraft and death.

CHRYSOCOLLA   The stone for the artist. Any artistic or creative persuit is stimulated and made more enjoyable .  It has the ability to soothe and calm, to help ease fear, and gently release emotions.
PYRITE Power to enhance mental capacity & attract money.
BERYL Protects against helplessness caused
by fascination.
OPAL and ONYX  together A powerful protective and
intuitive combination.
CARNELIAN  Brings joy & enhances sexuality.
SAPPHIRE Radiates peace and tranquility.

SMOKY QUARTZ  Helps dispose of psychic waste. Helps to restore confidence, and uplift depression.
RHODONITE Activates love, confidence. Main
ingredient in love potions.  Also for calming.
SODALITE   Alleviates fear & clears the mind.
CITRINE Promotes self esteem.
AMBER Protects against secret poisons.  Promotes healing & soothing, emits heat and light.
MOONSTONE Purity & chastity - aids in clairvoyance.
ROSE QUARTZ Denotes compassion, healing love.
This is also the stone of happy excitement & energy.
PEARL  Tears of sorrow and gladness; patience, purity of mind
and soul; distaste for violence and temper.
PERIDOT   Similar to the virtues of Topaz; also prevents
envious thoughts.
AMETHYST  Physical and mental healer;  aids in creativity, spirituality, intuition.  Stimulates purity
and love, prevents drunkeness.

AMETRINE Because this stone is a combination of
Amethyst and Citrine in one stone, attributes for both
stones apply. See Amethyst  See Citrine
TOPAZ   Protects against injury & attacks. A symbol of
sobriety, forgiveness and perfect love. Calms anger, turns
sadness into happiness, brings wealth and honor.  In
divining, it would locate water, precious metals and buried
treasure.  All colors of Topaz have these attributes.
ALEXANDRITE  Attributes of Amethyst, Sapphire &
Emerald combined.
GARNET Symbol of friendship, sincerity and charity. Protects
against bad dreams ; it would lose its brilliance and become dull when danger was near.

HEMITITE  Hematite's purpose is to deepen the connection between spirit and body, and help  us  keep our sense of self .
Much like it's mirror quality, it aids in deflecting the emotions of others.

IOLITE  In ancient times the Vikings used Iolite to help in
navigation. A slab of Iolite would be gazed upon to aid direction, because Iolite can bear a different hue when viewed
at different angles, availing the mariner of north & south.
Believed to protect for safe journies.
Kunzite  Helps in expressing love. It is a stone of emotional balance between heart and mind.  With Rose Quartz, a powerful
combination for love, attracting love and expressing love.
The   Myth  and  the  Lore
EMERALD  The emerald enhances love, brings eloquence, gaiety, & popularity.  Brings strength, especially in old age. Enhances courage in times
of trial and emotional distresses.
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ZIRCON   Zircon is the stone of luck.  Wishes for fame, fortune and
good health will be granted. Protects against dangers while traveling.
It promotes sound sleep, and attracts happiness and strength.
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