Energizing Your Crystals
Quartz crystals, a natural growing element, is known to possess certain
electrical capabilities which can be used to the benefit of mankind. One
such instance is in the quartz radio, a "primitive" type transistor
In the realm of "New Age" living, quartz crystals serve many purposes, and
each type of quartz can be useful in multiple applications. Most familiar
to the subject at hand would be the colorless naturally terminated (pointed)
crystal specimen.
In preparation of bringing positive energies to your crystal, cleansing is
essential. Methods of cleansing are a matter of preference. Crystal may
be laid out in the sun for one daylight cycle (daylight hours) or in the
moonlight for one night. Some use the water cleansing, where crystals
are placed in or under running water. However, unless you plan on using
a natural running stream, it would be wasteful of precious resources
to use tap water.
With clean, dry hands, hold a crystal between them while concentrating
on the feelings you wish the crystal to retain. Depending on how deeply
you are able to concentrate on the emotional energy, this process of instilling
this energy into the crystal may take up to 30 minutes. The power
of concentration should not have distractions or interruptions, so a quiet
place to practice before actually starting the process is advised, and may
actually shorten the time of energizing. As you are energizing the crystal
a slight vibration may be present in the stone and as it energizes, the vibration
or "hum" as some call it may noticeably increase.
When you have finished "charging" your crystal, some say that it is advisable
to ground yourself, to discharge excess energy.
The should now be energized with the attribute you intended.
If you've found that during the process your lack of concentration or
distractions have diverted your attentions, it would be wise to go back to
the cleaning process and start over at a better time. Negative energies
can just as easily be accepted into the stone as positive energies.
How to Energize Quartz Crystals
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