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                                   ALL NEW !    Pierced Earring Converters

Convert a pierced stud earring to a Clip-on!  Both styles available
 in Silver plate  or Gold  plate.   Copper plate available in #C-2 only. 
Just slip post on earring into tube, bend  stud down (shown on converter # 1), 
to rest tube against back of stud.  Tube has rubber interior grip to hold stud
 earring in place. 

Item # C-1  has a paddle back and will hold a heavier earring. Available
 in silver plate,
 gold plate and Rose Gold plate.

 Item # C-2  has a smaller comfort back and has an area that can be 
decorated with glue on stone or bead. Stud or wire earring slips through 
the front as shown. Available in gold plate, silver plate and copper plate.

Converters are reusable.  Get several sets and convert lotsa earrings!....  
Your choice -mix or match  4 pairs - $15.99

When ordering, state "gold-plate" or "silver-plate" in the style wanted
and quantity in each style.   Copper plate available in Convert #2 only.

These were a hard item to find.  We have 'em NOW and they can
be at your door within days!  Make gifts for any occasion!
earring converter
 Example of completed earrings. No tools needed.
4 pairs only $15.99
    Your choice - Mix or Match                     styles & colors
 Earring Converters*
*Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip-ons
 has the "Paddle Back" and is made with the insertion tube in the verticle manner.  The pierced earring shank is inserted from top, then bent down to cover the converter. See illustrations ((left). Accommodates the heavier earring.  Available in Goldtone or Silvertone.
Gold Plate               Silver Plate
Goldtone    Silver Plate    Copper 
has the smaller clip back that is hidden under most stud earrings. The exposed paddle may be glued with a decorative bead, however it is not necessary for a completed look. Stud earring is inserted horizontally into the opening beneath the clip-on. See illustrations (right).
  Open converter clip
Thread earring post into canal of the 
opened earring converter. Push the
earring until it is completely in.
Gently bend earring in a downward motion, being careful to not dislodge the post from the pierced earring back.
Converted earring is now ready to wear.
Complete the other earring and it is
a completed pair of pierced earrings
converted to clip-ons.  Completely 
reuseable, converters may be used over and over again.  No tools needed.
Thread earring post into canal of the opened earring converter. Push the earring until it is completely in. With extra long posts it may be necessary to clip the end of the protruding post, after insertion.
 Example of completed earrings. No tools needed.
Item # C-1 is available in Gold or Silver Plate, and now in Rose Gold plate.

Item # C-2 is available in Goldplate,Silverplate,
and Copper Plate.

Please specify quantity of each to be ordered. Mix & Match - 4 pairs for one price.
Order with confidence through PayPal. In the description box, enter your choice of color and style, and quantity of each for the set.  
All orders are shipped USPS Priority Post Insured (USA only)
All orders for earring converters will be combined for one shipping charge.  Order all quantities on one order form to save shipping costs.
Converter #2 -  
Open converter clip
# C-2     Example of completed earrings. 
               No tools needed.
Sample earrings for illustration purposes only.
                               Gold           Silver           Copper
                               Tone           Plate       Plate
    4 pairs only $15.99    Your choice - Mix or Match           styles & colors
No Credit Cards?  No problem.
          ATM-debit card accepted!
PayPal will process your debit card without
having to join anything, and without having to make payments.  Just place your order and the total will come out of your bank account, safely and protected. For more information on identity protection and PayPal, please visit PayPal.
item# C-2
# C-2
item # C-2
item # C-2
item # C-2
item # C-2
item # C-2
item # C-1
item # C-1
item # C-1
item # C-1
item # C-1
C-1  Now available in Rose Gold plate.

We must apologize for our shopping cart problems. Please
contact us to clarify your order if you are having problems.
earring converter

 After you have decided which earring converters you want to order,  click the  Add to Shopping Cart  button.  When on the shopping cart page, enter the total of how many units of four (4)  converters you are ordering.  

  Our shopping cart no longer allows for entering any information, so
when you place your order, we will email you to give us your instructions
for fulfilling your order.
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